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RCV Royal Oporto 40 Year Tawny Port

RCV Royal Oporto 40 Year Tawny Port


This magnificent 40 Year Tawny Port is one of the oldest ports made from grapes at Portugal’s family-owned Real Companhia Velha estates. Considered one of the estate’s finest treasures, the port has been consistently blended by many generations of cellar masters.

Intense and unctuous, featuring an array of vibrant ripe citrus, dried fig, toffee and wild herb flavors, accented by notes of mocha and cocoa powder. Spiced cherry and cream fill in midpalate, with a bright finish of orange peel and caramel. (K.M. Wine Spectator, Oct 15, 2013)


COMPANY: Real Companhia Velha (RCV)

COUNTRY: Portugal


TYPE: Tawny Port

GRAPES: Old Vines Field Blend

ABV: 20%

AGING: The aging process is carried out in premium oak barrels and vats.

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Did you know? If a fine port is left to age for many years in oak casks, it will gradually lose its original deep purple color and take on the delicate amber hue known as tawny. Throughout the aging process the simple fruitiness of young wine gives way to a vast range of subtle, mellow aromas: honey, spice, liquorice, walnut, vanilla, ripe jammy fruit and fine oak. The wisdom and extended experience of the cellar master at Real Companhia Velha allow the selection of the very best ports to integrate the 10, 20, and 40-year tawny blends.

Real Companhia Velha (RCV) was founded in 1756 and is the oldest and most emblematic wine company in the Douro Valley in Portugal. The family-owned company was entrusted with the task of “sustaining the cultivation of the vines, conserving their natural production and purity, towards a benefit of Agriculture, Trade and Public Health.” Since its inception, Real Companhia Velha has been faithful to its old traditions by offering the finest ports.

Today, RCV owns some of the Douro’s finest quintas, located in the very best areas of the Region. Red ports are produced from parcels planted at Quinta das Carvalhas, Aciprestes and Síbio. The old vines located at Quinta das Carvalhas are the origin of the premium ports. History has left Real Companhia Velha with a record of an incredible story and a glorious past. The company holds the desire to maintain the highest standard of quality in their wines and the confidence that their rigorous and visionary philosophy will continue well into the future.