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2020 Via Caritatis Vox White 3 Bottle Wine Pack

2020 Via Caritatis Vox White 3 Bottle Wine Pack

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2020 Via Caritatis Vox White × 3

This beautiful white wine features delightful floral notes with subtle peach and pear aromas. A Clairette-Roussanne-Grenache blend, the Vox White is best paired with salads, finger food, and cheese platters. Earth Labora is honored to be the first and only company to make this wine available to U.S. wine enthusiasts!

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MONK'S TASTING NOTES:  Pairs with salads, chicken, appetizers, or cheese platters.


WINERY: Via Caritatis


REGION: Rhone Valley – AOP Ventoux

TYPE: White wine

GRAPES: Clairette 55%, Roussanne 30%, White Grenache 15%


AGING: 5 years

YEAR: 2020



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VOX Wines
Voice, echo, song

“We the monks and winegrowers of the mountain have a common aim : to be men who listen.”

In our land a mysterious voice enchants hearts with its serene melody and hidden charm, invigorating the soul and inspiring generosity, truthfulness, and kindness. By taking advantage of the coolness of certain terroirs and the naturally fertile soil of our vineyard, we have composed our Vox wines as a music that carries to your heart the echo of the Provencal mountain voice. For these vintages we have chosen parcels of land where the freshness of our mountainous zone expresses itself more intensely, thus moderating within the wine itself the generous sunshine of Provence.

Vox White 2020

In its youth, this wine is a walk in a spring garden, among the swirling scents of white flowers and citrus. In the autumn of its life, carried by a beautiful tension, its ample potential evolves towards notes of roasted almonds.

The Vineyard

In all the selected parcels, the common thread is the freshness of the mountain air and the warmth of the sunny hills. The South parcel of land in the enclosed grounds of the Sisters of Annunciation Convent, whose soil is a mixture of clay and limestone planted with Clairette vines, brings a powerful aromatic beauty to this wine. The terroir Saint Vincent, placed at the bottom of the monks’ hill, with a sandy and lime soil, is planted with young Clairette for the fresh and acid qualities. The Saint Thérèse parcel of land, with clay and sand combination, allows the Roussanne to bring the wine its unique aroma and powerful structure. On the foothills of Le Ventoux, a few more Clairette parcels from selected growers fill their grapes with the generous sun and rich clay soil.


Bourgogne bottles, style Agape (Greek for “love”) of Saverglass in antique dark color in order to respect the wine and the wine lovers.

Viticultural Work

Above all else, Via Caritatis’ conscientious growing approach is guided by a commitment to the maintenance and service of God’s Creation. Our philosophy is to let nature, through our vines as well as our other products in Provence, produce its fruits in its own timing, today and tomorrow. This is made possible by the perfect microclimate and famous Mistral that help keep the air clean and healthy. The yields are closely monitored according to the different terroirs, vine types, graft carrier, age and density of the plants.

Vinification and Production

The harvesting is done by hand while each grape is strictly inspected for its ripeness and health in the monks’ and the local growers’ parcels. The pressing is done at low pressure directly with the clarification of the must done by cold sedimentation. The vinification process is done in concrete tanks under controlled temperatures: the fermentation takes place slowly in order to extract the best aromas from each grape variety. The wine is then put up on a thin layer of lees over 6 months. The assembling of the different wines is done shortly before the bottling.

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