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2019 Via Caritatis Vox Angelorum Red

2019 Via Caritatis Vox Angelorum Red


Ample, powerful, round, and velvety, it overflows with ripe fruit – blackberry, blueberry, and boysenberry. Gushing forth in one sweep, its delicate tannic structure unfolds and extends gleefully.

MONK’S TASTING NOTES: Pairs with grilled steak and chicken, hamburgers, sausage, pizza and grilled vegetables.


WINERY: Via Caritatis


  • Syrah 60% (for the boldness and long aging qualities)
  • Grenache 30% (for the fresh refined taste)
  • Marselan 10% (for its soft tannins and complexity)

YEAR: 2019

TYPE: Red wine

ABV: 14.5%


TEMPERATURE: Between 59 and 62.6 °F

AGING: For 9 months in vats




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VOX Wines
Voice, echo, song

“We the monks and winegrowers of the mountain have a common aim : to be men who listen.”

In our land a mysterious voice enchants hearts with its serene melody and hidden charm, invigorating the soul and inspiring generosity, truthfulness, and kindness. By taking advantage of the coolness of certain terroirs and the naturally fertile soil of our vineyard, we have composed our Vox wines as a music that carries to your heart the echo of the Provencal mountain voice. For these vintages we have chosen parcels of land where the freshness of our mountainous zone expresses itself more intensely, thus moderating within the wine itself the generous sunshine of Provence.

Vox Red (Rouge)
Ode to Joy

A chant full of light and brotherhood with deep hints of red fruit. Ample, powerful, round and “fleshy,” it overflows with ripe fruit. Gushing forth in one sweep, its tannic structure unfolds and extends gleefully.

The Vineyard

For this wine, we have selected the parcels located in the cool mountainous air which balance the heat of the full Provençal sun in order to express more intensely the flavor of this combination.

Viticultural Work

Beyond all other focuses, “Maintenance and Service” of God’s Creation are the two main axes of our conscientious growing approach. Our philosophy is to let nature, through our vines as well as our other products in Provence, produce its fruits in its own timing: today and… tomorrow. The perfect microclimate along with the famous Mistral, keeping the air clean and healthy, are important agents in accomplishing this goal. The yields are closely monitored according to the different terroirs, vine types, graft carrier, age and density of the plants.

Vinification and Production

The harvest is done when the grapes have reached the perfect level of maturity and are healthy. The vinification process is classical, with the maceration in concrete tanks with the full mush. The straining is done by délestage at the beginning of the fermentation, followed by slow and soft stirring in order to avoid the formation of hard tannins. Once the malolactic fermentation is done, the wine is raised up into concrete tanks for aging 9 months before the bottling.

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