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About Us

About Us

Earth Labora - About Us

Passionate winemakers bringing unique wine directly to your home

Earth Labora is a U.S. modern direct-to-consumer wine sourcing company bringing unique, high-end, quality wines and spirits made by traditional winemakers around the world to U.S. wine enthusiasts. All products are personally sourced by wine experts with a 400-year family legacy in the global wine industry. We choose sustainable products that are made with a respect for nature and the environment. We aim to select products fulfilling true sustainability, which is why we decided to call our endeavor EARTH LABORA: “The work of the earth” or “Le travail de la terre” in French. We invite you to listen to this song from Matthew Davis – “Work of the Earth.”


Naturally made

from and for people who care.

No added chemicals

letting nature speaks for itself in the glass.


No sugar added

awaking your sense from natural flavors.

Respect for nature and social responsibility

keep nature balanced with human action.

The Term ``sustainability``...

…has its etymological origins in the Latin verb sustinere, with the multifaceted meaning of holding on and making sure that something lasts, as well as taking charge and making a commitment.

These two complementary aspects can be summed up as the preservation of something that exists in the present (i.e. nature) and must be maintained in the future, and as the assumption of responsibility by someone (i.e. humanity). Sustainability in today’s world requires that businesses should focus not only on the limitation of their impact on society, but also on the advancement of the social, economic, and environmental conditions of the contexts in which they operate.

The Earth Labora team looks only for meaningful products made by friends. What we mean by friends are people who think like us and share the same passion of making and sharing wine to develop our sense. It is another way to discover different cultures, traveling by learning through wine tasting.

We believe in giving back to good causes and local winemakers like Via Caritatis – a 700-year-old winery cultivated by monks and nuns in the Southern Rhône, France. To that end, five percent of every purchase through Earth Labora is donated to charities.